Need Some Help?

I am available for hire through my business, Barnard Technology Solutions

I love building and enhancing web applications (or really any software for that matter)! I am glad to help folks looking for assistance with most any software needs!

I carry experience in things like:

  • Large Enterprise-level JavaScript front-end architecture (apps with 100+ pages)
  • Single Page JavaScript Application architecture (SPA)
  • jQuery custom plugins and widgets
  • KnockoutJS architectures (where I maintain multiple KnockoutJS plugin and control libraries)
  • AngularJS architectures
  • Modular ASP.NET MVC Architecture and Development
  • NodeJS web application (& some client-side utilities) development
  • ASP.NET Webforms Architecture and Development
  • SQL Server Database Design and Migrations
  • Data-Migration Planning and Execution (MS Access/Excel to SQL Server, SQL Server to SQL Server, etc…)

Much of my experience lies in developing secure sites for businesses and the enterprise. If you are interested, I would be glad to show you examples of past work (or you can check my GitHub account)

I’d love to sit down and talk about any (or all) of the following:

  • Project Scoping: What’s your current state? Where do yo want to get to? And what steps are we going to need to get there?
  • Design Specs: Have an idea in mind but need someone technical to spell it out for Development?
  • JavaScript Development: Have some ideas for some really sweet JavaScript widgets or plugins… but you’re not sure how to build them or where to start?
  • Application Development: Need a solid, secure, and maintainable website/application built up to the tip of today’s standards? Oh and you need it to work on tablets and phones?

Feel free to contact me at: eric.m.barnard (at gmail) or